Why Start a Blog?

The short answer is that I want help and to help. oliviergrinda.com will help me achieve both at the same time.

As a young entrepreneur in 2009, I received a ton of help from virtually everyone I knew. I credit this help, and long hours, for the success of professional and personal life. Grateful, I always made a point to help anyone that asked. This blog will hopefully give me a broader reach and give me the opportunity to give back more than I took.

Every few days I will publish new articles about my passions: Tech, startups, sports, lifehacks and random fact. The format will range from practical advice in business, thoughts on the tech market, books to read, fun challenges, to dives in the many many many mistakes I have done along the way.

The overarching theme is personal growth. I always hated the concept that at a random point in life we stop learning, say upon graduating, or trying to improve oneself physically and mentally. Entropy is inevitable, when to give up the fight against it is choice. I hope that through this blog you will find new, fun way to grow with me.

It is not an entirely selfless exercise. At my core, I am lazy, hungry and optimistic. This paradigm enabled me to take insane risks and lead to many successes. It help me convince an investor to back me at 22, built 4 amazing startups, find the love of my life in a foreign land, among many others. However, it also left me woefully unprepared at times. I did not understand the fashion world while leading a brand, I missed opportunities that sat in my emails and often did not take obvious steps of short term pain for long term gains.

oliviergrinda.com is part of my answer to push my positive attributes and soften my negative ones. I aim to build a routine and with a routine more productivity. As well as a medium to reflect, structure and express my thoughts in a meaningful and actionable manner.

Welcome to the start of this journey! Let’s get better everyday!

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